All you Need to Know about Erectile Dysfunction

There exist health problems, which are considered embarrassing to discuss, sometimes they even become excuse for stupid jokes. But talking about them is necessary in order to understand mechanism of problem and, consequently, getting rid of it. One of these disorders is erectile dysfunction. According to modern definition, this is inability to achieve and / or maintain erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Erectile Dysfunction Causes Normal erectile function is balance between: psychological factors; hormonal factors; […]

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra: Instruction for Use

Viagra Main Aspects Viagra Composition The main active substance is sildenafil, released in form of citrate. Auxiliary agents are: anhydrous calcium hydrophosphate; magnesium stearate; croscarmellose sodium; titanium dioxide (E 171); triacetin; MCC; hypromellose; indigo carmine aluminum lacquer (E 132); lactose. Viagra Generics Names Main Viagra generic name is Sildenafil. Viagra Online Pharmacology Viagra online restores normal reaction to sexual excitement. The very physiological mechanism providing erection is impossible without nitric oxide release in cavernous body […]

Levitra vs Cialis – What to Choose?

My Canadian Pharmacy is going to explain Levitra vs Cialis – which is better? Of course, in no way this can not be universal truth, because each male body is individual, and each of preparations has its positive distinctive features. But appropriate conclusion for themselves can make any man taking ED medications to increase erectile function. Onset of maximum Levitra effect is 15-20 minutes. Cialis – 16-30 minutes. Time of Levitra action is from 4-5 […]